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Sir David Attenborough Talks Almond Pollination on the BBC’s The Green Planet: “Human Worlds” Series.

November 20, 2022

What better way to experience the almond pollination than being dropped into the orchard with Sir David Attenborough via the BBC’s The Green Planet? In the final episode of the series, Sir David highlights the efforts undertaken by almond growers to help the planet-including by using cover crops!

This episode also brings together two Bee Health Collective partners, the Almond Board of California and Project Apis m. You can see Project Apis m.’s Seeds for Bees cover crops growing between the trees in PAm board member, Christine Gemperle’s orchard (16:30 and 44-minute marks):

The Almond Board California, has some behind the scenes information about all of the farms shown in the production, including Christine’s!.

By: Grace Kunkel