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Sir David Attenborough Talks Almond Pollination on the BBC’s The Green Planet: “Human Worlds” Series.

November 20, 2022
What better way to experience the almond pollination than being dropped into the orchard with Sir David Attenborough via the BBC’s The Green Planet? In the final episode of the series, Sir David highlights the efforts undertaken by almond growers to help the planet-including by using cover crops!

Honey Industry Testing-What is it and Why is it Done?

October 20, 2022
The honey we love and consume every day should be wholesome and trustworthy. This is why the honey industry is committed to advancing stronger testing solutions to ensure the honey we consume is pure and authentic. In order to preserve the purity of honey, the industry is spearheading the ability for honey to be traced […]

What About Colony Collapse Disorder?

October 20, 2022
In 2006, Colony Collapse Disorder devastated many beekeepers and honey bee colonies across the US. Colony Collapse Disorder is a syndrome characterized by some very specific symptoms: the majority of worker bees in a hive disappear and leave behind a laying queen, plenty of food and a few nurse bees to care for the remaining […]

What’s Killing Bees

October 20, 2022
We know what’s killing bees. There are many things that contribute to high annual colony losses.  Often these factors are grouped into what is commonly known as the “Four P’s.” These represent the major honey bee health threats, and they are all connected. For example, Varroa mites not only weaken bees but also spread viruses, […]

Impactful Bee-Friendly Organizations 

October 14, 2022
Supporting bee-friendly organizations with a donation is one easy way anyone can help bees. But how can you be sure that your dollars are making the most impact? 

Donate to Help Bees

October 14, 2022
There are many organizations dedicated to helping honey bees and pollinators. From research to habitat to education and policy – however you want to help, there is an organization that can utilize your donation. Project Apis m. is a founder of the Bee Health Collective and supports honey bee research and habitat projects.  You can […]

Support Beekeepers: Know Where Your Honey Comes From

October 4, 2022
A strong honey market keeps beekeepers in business- selling honey allows them to invest in healthy bees. Support a beekeeper near you, and bee health, by buying honey! National Honey Board has a Honey Locator Tool that you can use to find local honey near you.

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