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A New Way Of Sharing Resources: Meet The Online Pollinator Tool, “Beescape”

December 28, 2023
Olivia Schaefer Created by a team of researchers and web designers at Penn State University, “Beescape” is an online tool that helps improve pollinator forage and landscape in a particular region. It’s simple to use; launch the web program and enter your location to see a quality rating of your local flora and fauna, as […]

The Latest Buzz: September, 2023

September 13, 2023
You can now find information from the USDA’s ‘Latest Buzz’ on the Bee Health Collective website! New jobs and funding opportunities are posted on the bulletin board and pollinator events and news can be found below! To submit items for The Latest Buzz contact [email protected]. To receive an email when The Latest Buzz is updated […]

Killing Two Birds With One Varroa Mite Treatment?

July 13, 2023
Varroa mites have long posed a serious threat to beekeepers and their colonies. It is essential that effective treatment plans are put in place against the parasites and their many consequences, such as deformed wing virus. Recently, a study performed by the Pollinator Health in Southern Crop Ecosystems Research Unit in Stoneville, Mississippi, also mitigates […]

New Recordings from the ABF January Conference are available now!

July 12, 2023
Olivia Schaefer If you missed out on the January American Beekeeping Federation conference, don’t worry! Many of the talks were recorded and are now available to view on Project Apis m.’s youtube page. Below are some of the main talks with information about the speaker and topic. General Session Day 1: Dr. Diana Cox-Foster of USDA-ARS […]

Honey Breaks Consumer Demand Record While Domestic Production Declines

March 24, 2023
A recent USDA report on the status of sweeteners shows that demand for honey in the US has never been higher. A boost from pandemic pantry-buying and honey’s status as a natural sweetener that is considered a healthier option have contributed to this trend. At the same time, domestic honey production has trended downwards, meaning […]

Sir David Attenborough Talks Almond Pollination on the BBC’s The Green Planet: “Human Worlds” Series.

November 20, 2022
What better way to experience the almond pollination than being dropped into the orchard with Sir David Attenborough via the BBC’s The Green Planet? In the final episode of the series, Sir David highlights the efforts undertaken by almond growers to help the planet-including by using cover crops!

Growing Your Apiary? USDA Programs and Resources to Support Beekeepers

October 31, 2022
As beekeepers gain experience and expand their apiaries, they may not be aware that they are eligible for federal support in multiple ways. This is especially true if they are generating income from honey sales or other apiary products. Luckily, the USDA now has a handy infographic of federal programs and resources that support beekeepers […]